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What is Auslan Spelling Bee?

The Ausland Spelling Bee Challenge is like any other spelling bee... but it has a massive twist! Students will not only need to spell the words correctly, but they will need to spell them by only using the Auslan alphabet - finger spelling each word.

We are challenging your school to add Auslan into the curriculum in a fun and interactive way, as well as teaching your students about acceptance. This challenge is designed to test students' knowledge of the Auslan alphabet and their spelling. As well as Auslan, we want your students to set a fundraising goal to help raise awareness and vital funds for children with hearing and vision loss. 

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The benefits to your students

Providing and supporting education is at the forefront of what we do. By holding an Auslan Spelling Bee Challenge, you will help RIDBC to raise vital funds for children with vision or hearing loss, and teach your students about disability awareness, helping them develop understanding, acceptance and inclusion. Through participating in the Auslan Spelling Bee Challenge and fundraising with RIDBC, students will develop specific skills in line with the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools including;

  • Self-awareness and awareness of children with vision or hearing loss and their needs
  • Empowerment, gratitude, understanding and tolerance 
  • Leadership and collaboration skills
  • Fulfilment in supporting other students just like them 
  • Compassion, respect, fulfilment and pride 

How your supports helps

Together, we will break down stereotypes of children with vision and hearing loss and create an inclusive culture for all children. 

With your support, we are moving towards making Auslan part of the mainstream curriculum, ensuring that future generations of students can communicate with their peers who have hearing loss. 

Challenge your students to lift their limits for children with vision or hearing loss.


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