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Your Christmas donation will help provide the individualised care every child needs to navigate the world around them, grow in confidence, and achieve their full potential.

Beautiful sisters Gem and Pip were born five years apart, both with complex needs. 

Mum Dee says, "Through RIDBC, Pip was able to access speech therapy and physiotherapy, as well as other services she needed including audiologist support for her cochlear implant".

Knowing that Pip was getting the tailored support she needed really took a lot of pressure off the family. So when Gem was born, Dee knew RIDBC could help again.

"When Gem shows an interest in something, her occupational therapist goes with that, they're flexible, and make adaptations to suit Gem... or helped her explore something a little bit more", said Dee.

As a result of this individualised care, Pip and Gem have blossomed in confidence and are always learning new skills.

But the reality is, Gem and Pip are both going to need significant support for many years to come to ensure they continue to achieve their developmental goals, and grow into strong and confident adults.

Photo: Pip reading her favourite book to Gem.

Please donate this Christmas to help more children access the specialist care they need throughout every step of their journey.

$80 could help children like Gem get support as soon as possible after diagnosis

$150 could help children like Pip access the essential services like speech therapy

$220 could help provide guidance for parents so their children can continue learning at home

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