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How does Jackson learn about a world he can't see?

Your gift today can provide essential support to children with vision impairment... and give hope to their families. 

Jackson's mum Sara wanted her precious son to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood playing, laughing and having fun with friends. 

But when Jackson was two years old, his eyes would hurt when he was in the sunlight, he was unable to see the toys right in front of him, and he would quickly end up in tears when interacting with other children.

"It was a heartbreaking experience for me and my husband Michael", said Sara.

After seeking specialist support, Sara soon discovered Jackson had a rare sight condition called achromatopsia.

"Achromatopsia is like a day blindness... so when he goes outside, he's literally blinded by the light", says Sara.

Thanks to the kindness of donors like you, Sara and her husband found the practical and caring support Jackson needed through RIDBC.

Photos of Jackson taken on a mobile phone.

Together, we can do more for children who are blind or have vision impairment.

$65 could help more families get the immediate support they need

$125 could help provide access to essential services from an early age

$185 could help children access a life-changing education

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