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Help Morgan unlock her imagination and unli'mited potential

Morgan is a happy, intelligent 7-year-old girl whose favourite things are reading, singing and learning new things every day.

“I'm really good at singing and brailling and I'm really happy I'm good at those things because they're two things that I like learning and that I enjoy doing at school and at home.” – Morgan

But it’s heartbreaking to know that Morgan, who loves reading cannot easily walk into a library and choose a book to read. She can’t even buy a book that she would like to read, they’re just not in the bookstore.

Help children like Morgan unlock their imagination and unli'mited potential when you donate today.

$40 could provide a game of braille dominoes

$100 could transcribe a toddler book into braille

$150 could help provide a trial HSC paper

$270 could provide a 3D printed map of Australia

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