Sofija Barac

Taralye Loud Shirt Day 2020

I’m fundraising for Taralye an RIDBC Service and Loud Shirt Day, to help give the gift of sound and speech to children with a hearing loss. Please help me to get LOUD by donating to my page. All funds raised will directly support children with hearing loss access early intervention and learn to listen and speak to their full potential.

Getting loud at kinder

We had so much fun getting LOUD at kinder last year.  We can't wait to get LOUD again in 2020 to support children like Natalija who have a hearing loss.

Children with a hearing loss

       Children with a hearing loss are totally typical children, they don't hear typically

       If you speak in a quiet voice, they will have trouble hearing you

       When they are in a place with background noise, it is very challenging to hear (a classroom, outdoors, a gym, a restaurant, on the playground, near the ocean).

       If they don't hear you the first time, be patient, don't get frustrated. Just repeat it. Maybe rephrase it. Kids can read body language better than the average person, frustration hurts.

       No need to shout and please don’t say “never mind” it can make them feel left out and isolated 

       People with a hearing loss make very different choices; there is not a one-size-fits-all way to navigate this personal experience.

       Hearing loss varies. And people choose very different communication modalities.

       Avoid covering your mouth when you speak; they can't read your lips if they can't see your mouth. And know that if you are wearing a face mask, it’ll be even more challenging.

       You may need to tap them on the shoulder and get their attention before you speak to them.

       If you talk from across the room or with your back turned, they will miss most or all of what you are saying

       Most people born with hearing loss never know the cause.

       Understanding social nuances is really challenging when you have hearing loss. Many people who are hard of hearing experience social anxiety.

       Listening with hearing loss is exhausting. Kids need time to decompress, or they will act out; It is harder than it looks.

       In the end, they are resilient, adaptable people living in a hearing world trying to find their way.



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Thank you for all the great work you all do at Taralye. You make such a difference... Great cause.