Maria's 60th Birthday

Taralye Loud Shirt Day 2018

How will you get LOUD for Loud Shirt Day? 

To get you started, here are a few ideas:

  • Loud casual day, with a ‘fun fine’ for those that don't dress up!
  • Sausage sizzle
  • Brightest morning tea
  • Pay to vote on the outfit the boss should wear for the day
  • Have a great Loud Shirt Day

The official Loud Shirt Day is Friday 19 October 2018but you can choose to host your event whenever it suits your workplace, school or wherever you are hosting your event.

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Diana Makris Montes And John Makris

Happy Birthday dear Nana. We love you very much!


George Makris

Well done Maria, such a fantastic advocate & a great carer


Christian Montes

Happy birthday Maria, i hope you have a great time!


Fabian Melo


Dimitra Vlitas

Happy 60th


Juli, Easen, & Girls

Maria, Happy Happy Birthday, precious angel lady! We are all better people from being part of your world. Thank you & your big-hearted life for giving us a reason to celebrate each year! Bless you & your family always.


Stella Tzimokas

Congratulations on your significant birthday Maria! We want to congratulate you, Chris and My lovely godson John and Diana for caring for the beautiful miracle boy Christopher. We feel privileged to have all of you in our lives. Lots of love from Stella, Elaine and Julia


Jennie Russell



Happy birthday Maria. Wishing you a lovely day ☺️


Sandra Zuluaga

Thanks for your work!


Wilson Family

Happy 60th Maria love James, Carly, Samantha & Robert xxxx


Josephine Cowling

Happy Birthday Maria - to an amazing woman


Andres Montes

From Andrés and Valentina



My very best wishes for a wonderful day on Sunday 14 October!!


Ricklyn Thomas


Marilyn Dann

Happy birthday Maria. What a wonderful video. It is a privilege to know you and to witness all that you have done for Chris. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xxx


Carolina Trujillo


Stella Stelios Marina Eleni Georgiou

Χρόνια Πολλά Πολλά με υγεία και χαρά. Φιλιά πολλά


Felicity Petcopoulos

What a wonderful idea Maria! What you’re doing is amazing! Little Chris has come such a long way and is such a beautiful boy. Much love 💗


Phillip Wong


David Biggs And Seng Lim

Very Happy Sixtieth Maria


Diana Romero


Jennie Stuart

What an amazing story about little Chris. How wonderful is Taralye, and how wonderful you are Maria!!


Luke Makris

Love you brother.