Team Isabella and Sienna

Taralye Loud Shirt Day 2020

We're getting LOUD for Isabella and Sienna!

Isabella and Sienna were both diagnosed with hearing loss at their newborn hearing screen.  They were both wearing hearing aids by 3 months of age and were enrolled at Taralye where through early intervention and the wonderful staff, both Isabella and Sienna have developed the same language outcomes as hearing children.

As a mother, I am so grateful to Taralye as they gave me the gift of learning how to interact with my hearing impaired daughters and the skills to assist them in their development.

I love that Loud Shirt Day is a fun way of raising awareness and educating people about hearing loss, whilst also raising money for an establishment that has helped our family so much. Loud Shirt Day also provides Isabella and Sienna a platform to advocate for themselves, by teaching those around them how best to speak to people with a hearing loss and to be as inclusive as possible.

Isabella, Sienna, Dave and I would love your help in supporting Taralye and allowing it to continue giving the gift of speech and language to many more families just like ours.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Suz Russo


Daniel Spano




Mik Wilson

Terrific cause, Suze.


Myriam Westcott

Go Suz!


Merinda Roberts


Amy Cardamone


Luisa Valente

So happy to support such a brilliant program. Your girls are just divine....


Giovanna Bellissimo

Good luck gorgeous girls in reaching your goal, happy to help.


Lolita Poli


Kate Moore

Yay Suz!


Tina Castriotta

My girls favourite school fundraiser - LOUD SHIRT DAY!!


Kathy Dedes

Great cause and lovely memories!


Marco & Lucas P

Great cause!


Dave Magnanini

Great work Suz!