Thank you so much for wanting to organise your very own event to raise funds for RIDBC! As a charity, RIDBC must approve and authorise all third party fundraising activities or events that raise money on our behalf. We require you to complete the below Fundraising Application Form before undertaking any fundraising activities or events.

Once we receive your application we will then contact you to talk through your activity or event, and send you a guide to fundraising for RIDBC. After your activity or event is approved, we will send you an Approval Letter (which gives you permission to fundraise on our behalf).

At this point, you will also have access to some great downloadable resources in our Community Fundraising Toolkit and access to our fundraising coach for advice.


Once you receive your approval and your toolkit you can begin fundraising!

Please note that if you are fundraising online through a fundraising websites like Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise, your sanction is handled by the online fundraising website.