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Natalija can hear, speak and connect with the world

When Sofi received the news that her daughter Natalija was born deaf, she was overwhelmed and uncertain where to turn for support. But RIDBC was there from the beginning, supporting Natalija with early therapy so she could learn to hear and speak clearly.

Natalija is now 5-years-old and loves playing board games and reading her favourite books with her big brothers.

Without the intensive, early therapy Natalija received, mum Sofi says her daughter’s life would be very different, 

“She would have been behind with her speech. She would have struggled a lot.” 

Early intervention is vital for children like Natalija who are deaf or hard of hearing. The first years of a child’s life, when their brains are developing at an incredible rate, are when therapy and support can make the biggest difference. 

Your gift this Christmas can help more children receive the support they need to get the best start in life.

Jaylan learning via Remote Services

Without Early Intervention, children will fall behind and won't develop speech and language skills.

$120 can allow a child to attend group early intervention sessions

$240 can provide games and puzzles to support learning in sessions

$360 can support a speech pathologist receive specialised training

$480 can allow a child to attend individual early intervention sessions

Together, we can make a lifelong impact to children across Australia.

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